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    I am hanging drywall over several rooms in my house and find the stud and joist surfaces to be uneven I also agree with Ed that th or th will make very little difference, with the exception of areas like where large bathroom mirrors will be glued to walls or where cabinets or tile may be going.

    The first uses rigid foam insulation exploiting its rigidity to reduce or eliminate the use of battens or studs Often this is insulated plasterboard The second involves building a framework in wood or steel which allows the use of soft insulation and is appropriate if the wall is very uneven For the first type, rigid insulation, you

    , Dry stack your wall with InSoFast panels The goal is to mimic the intended final installation but without physically attaching the panels Once the walls are set up, shim the panels using deck or drywall screws and a straight edge Screw through the panel s stud until the screw comes in contact with solid

    Mounting a sign to stone, for example, requires a way to attach a flat surface to a very rough and non uniform surface Placement may dictate that one corner be an inch off the wall while another corner is an inch and a half off the wall In this scenario Material is attached with a traditional threaded stud and StandOff cap.

    Bob tours the factory where the project house s custom crown molding is cut to custom specifications, while, back at the site, carpenter Bob Ryley struggles to install the molding on uneven walls.

    , To prepare the kitchen walls, I used my stud finder and a small nail to locate the center of all the wall studs Then, using the level, I penciled in lines If your wall is uneven, slide shims in between the cabinets and wall until everything is level as you tighten it up The floor in the back of the cabinet is a bit

    The customary way to upgrade a wall in an old house is to tear off the old materials out to the wall studs (collect the treasures hidden in there) insulate, rewire and add new wallboard, plaster, or another interior finish In our Saltbox farmhouse I wanted to keep the structural integrity intact Removing the double wallboard and

    , Also the wall bricks are uneven (some slightly jutting out more than others) and the grooves between the bricks are very deep (as per photo) when they put plasterboard over our brick walls they first attached batons then glued and nailed boards, it was up in a flash and it looks great, there are lots of how

    But a stud wall is strong enough to hold heavy fittings such as kitchen units, radiators or wash basins Insulation boards need fixings that go through them and into the wall behind Is the wall s surface even If the plaster is uneven or plaster has been removed and the brickwork is uneven, the wall must be levelled with a

    If it were my bathroom I would finish the wall with framing the way you have started I perhaps would rip the X so it is tapered so I would not use so much wood After that is done and drywall is up I would remove the round at the window jamb and replace it with a jamb extension that would meet the face

    The studs in your wall must be flush to hang drywall evenly Uneven studs will result in uneven walls You can fix this situation without reconstructing your framing by simply adding to it or taking away from it Adding to or taking away from framing is a time saving solution compared with completely removing all uneven wall

    As a result, studs and joists can bend, bow, twist, and cupeven after you ve built a wall that was flat and plumb Ideally, you want to wait as long as possible after framing to begin drywall installation so the wood has a chance to acclimate But if you have to rush, time spent checking and correcting framing problems will pay

    Hey everyone, I m about to tile my bathroom walls with x ceramic tiles Pack plane studs to provide a decent surface (a two metre straightedge helps), re sheet, re waterproof and then you can tile Any wall area that is to be tiled must be flat or you are life very difficult for yourself I m afraid.

    May , I think this is the easiest and fastest way to get your planks up on the wall and have them staggered without you doing any math! Who wants to do math right ! Start with your first foot plank and nail it into the studs Make sure you use a level and DO NOT follow the ceiling line which will most likely NOT be

    Hot mud hardens within an hour or two, depending on the formula, so you can skim coat over it to smooth the wall fairly quickly When twisted or bowed studs or studs that aren t flush with the plates causes the drywall to bulge and dip drastically, sistering studs or shaving off a portion will allow you to even it out How To

    Oftentimes a slight tweak here and there is simply due to the framing nail gun being held slightly off due to a tired arm, for example, and you can tap these into place with some brute force You can use a straightedge and level to check against the surrounding wall studs to know which way and where you need to apply force.

    Wall framing, including wall studs, supports drywall panels If the wall studs are uneven, the finished wall can look wavy unless you take action during the drywall panels installation to minimize the problem Using drywall shims is the standard remedy, but contractors also change the amount of screws and the amount of

    May , I have a problems with cracks in a partition wall It s made partly of timber boards laid horizontally, and the remainder is an old door covered by plasterboard, and a small amount of lath and plaster The wall is very uneven, and the wallpaper cracks at the point where the boards meet one another We have

    However the surface of the wall can vary up to cm I have therefore thought about covering the wall probably with a peice of MDF or plasterboard I have looked for some wall fittings that could bridge the gap where necessary But the only product I have found is a fixing product from Fischer that allows a

    , In new construction, you hang drywall on studs and all the edges meet up perfectly with each other and with all the window and door trim If the carpenters have framed the walls properly, the drywall installers will find this perfect installation surface.

    , Skimming involves putting a thin coat of plaster on top of the existing plaster and is the best way to achieve a smooth finish on walls that are generally a bit battered or have large areas of damage or uneven surface, which would be difficult to finish well using a filler Prior to skimming, a coat of a PVA

    The TV is across (width) and (height) ( diagonal) Now the wall is odd I know studs are supposed to be or but this wall is just unusual The studs are completely (seem to be) uneven! I am using a Zircon e stud finder which honestly sucks I ordered a CH stud finder for the center

    , Hides uneven studs Hanging horizontally also allows the drywall to flow over the framing so that bowed studs create less of a problem If the drywall were hung vertically and a seam placed on a bowed out stud, the seam would be magnified because of the bump in the wall Easier to finish A horizontal

    One bowed stud can make a whole wall look bad Before you hang the drywall, fix badly warped studs so that the finished wall will look straight and true.

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